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Inspiring visual communications to encourage young people into work

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Working across a vast array of sectors with an equally broad range of partners and stakeholders, the organisation needed to communicate their offer coherently and consistently in manner that would resonate and connect with both partners and clients. Add to this the raft of specific services and initiatives the organisation were delivering and involved with, and we were facing a complex series of communication issues which needed to be addressed.


Our immediate concern was the brand identity itself. Originally conceived in a more public sector context, the Avanta brand was now feeling quite cold, clinical and lacked humanity. Our first job was to articulate the true proposition of the organization, one that was undoubtedly centred around people. This was the common thread that linked everything they did. So we put people at the heart of there communications too and commissioned a series of photographic portraits of the people they have helped and worked with.

We then set about devising a graphic identity that would not only revitalise the organisation’s identity and differentiate them in a now highly competitive marketplace, but also bring a logical visual and navigational system to their service offering and operational areas. Following a communications audit in which we assessed and evaluated Avanta’s true needs, we created a comprehensive, but rational, suite of information literature and promotion materials. This also followed through to the re-planning and refitting of their offices.