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Content strategy and website development to push superhero site to new heights

World Of Superheroes · Digital


World of Superheroes, a fansite for lovers of comic superheroes, needed to increase its UK audience and broaden its social network presence. Holding them back was a site that had been hapazardly iterated over many years, resulting in menu-bloat and a confusing user experience.


By reimagining the site as a modern news portal, with a more focused content management and content tagging system, staff writers could quickly push content live - essential in the fast-paced world of superhero entertainment. We also developed a content strategy and social media plan to allow internal staff to plan content opportunities for the site and better engage with their existing audience.

A fresh new design, aligned to a streamlined user journey, saw returning UK users double inside the first two months of relaunch, whilst site referrals from the company's Facebook page rose by 125% in the same period.

  • Bounce rate smashed down by 20%