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We’re commercially minded, strategic and creative thinkers with a flair for the entrepreneurial.

'The Brand New Idea' isn’t just our name – it’s a genuine promise of innovation, originality and something altogether more refreshing.

We judge our accomplishments by our clients’ success – and it’s this simple philosophy that underpins our whole approach. We’re a results-focused, ideas-led marketing agency with both eyes firmly fixed on the bigger picture, and your commercial objectives.

Everything starts with you!

Return Through Ideas

We’re all about big, clever, original, creative ideas – it’s what we do naturally. But having great ideas is meaningless if those ideas are without purpose and intent. Every idea we have is underpinned by keen strategic thinking, and conceived with the single-minded end of delivering your business goals.


Everything starts with you! We never begin a project without fully understanding every facet that will steer you to success. We’ll immerse ourselves in your world - your brand, your culture and your competitive environment. We’ll take extra care to appreciate all the nuances and influencing factors at play, and work with you to refine your strategy. We use a mix of evidence and experience to find the best path to achieve your goals.

How we work

We’ve developed simple, intuitive project specific processes proven to deliver results. We seamlessly work with you from one stage to the next, ensuring every output and recommendation is robust, evidenced and a business fit. Whether it be a comprehensive brand strategy, standalone marketing campaign, digital strategy or simply the redevelopment of your website, we’ll always get you there by the most efficient and effective route.

  • Scope. Explore. Plan. Ideas. Execute. Evaluate.

    Getting to know you, and your business. Establishing your aims and objectives and the full scope of the project to co-create a robust working brief.

  • Scope. Explore. Plan. Ideas. Execute. Evaluate.

    Identifying and evaluating all the dynamic forces and external influences that will impact upon the work we do.

  • Scope. Explore. Plan. Ideas. Execute. Evaluate.

    Understanding key insights to create robust strategies for growth and success to confidently and purposefully guide our creative and strategic thinking.

  • Scope. Explore.Plan. Ideas. Execute. Evaluate.

    Creative interpretation and visual articulation of the key strategic recommendations.

  • Scope. Explore. Plan. Ideas. Execute. Evaluate.

    Consolidation of creative ideas. The design and production of all your communications tactics, implementation and activation of strategic plans and marketing.

  • Scope. Explore. Plan. Ideas. Execute. Evaluate.

    Monitoring, measurement and evaluation of tactical activities to inform strategic refinement and subsequent activities.